Frequently Asked Questions

If a product is backordered, how long does it take to get it?

We try to carry a minimum amount of inventory so on occasion we can run out of product.  When this does happen, we will be sure to communicate with you when you will get your product(s).

We never anticipate a lead time of more than a week on cameras but that can vary when the manufacturer's stock is depleted.

Stic-N-Pic products are very well stocked and we do not anticipate a backorder on these products but during low stock/high demand times, we can run out.  We assure you, that product will be shipped as soon as physically possible when these events occur.

We will ALWAYS communicate with you if we anticipate a delay (>3 working days) to package and ship your order.

How can I get Stic-N-Pic products in a store near me?

This is sometimes difficult but if you visit your local store ASK them to carry our products.  This will hopefully get the local retailer to look into us and the great products we have to offer.  The more folks that ask for our products at a retailer, the better the chance of seeing us there!  We thank you in advance.

Do you accept new dealers for Stic-N-Pic products?

Yes we are.  Please register here.  Once we approve your registration, you will be able to log in and download our dealer application.  Please fill out the dealer application and email it to

Do you offer a discount for a large order?

Yes we do.  Please contact us and let us know what you were wanting.  We can provide you a personal quote.

Do fasteners come with your mounts?

Yes.  We provide a  one (1) - 5/8" x1/4x20 thumbscrew and two (2) nylon retaining/spacing washers.  These washers can hold the thumbscrew on the angle bracket and prevent you from losing the thumbscrew in the grass/snow/mud etc.  If other fasteners are needed, any hardware store should carry what is needed to connect your camera to our mount.  If your camera does not have a tripod mount, we sell a universal bracket that essentially puts a tripod mount on any camera.

Can I buy extra bolts or washers somewhere?

We sell an extra "bag of bolts" on our webstore.  If you are in need of a special size bolt, you can probably find it cheaper at the local hardware store.

What cameras can be mounted on a Stic-N-Pic?

Any camera with a tripod mount can connect to any Stic-N-Pic camera mount.  If your camera does not come with a tripod mount, we sell a universal bracket which allows you to install a tripod mount on your camera.

Most tripod mounts are 1/4"x20 but some of the older Moultries have are 6mm.  We provide a 5/8"-1/4"x20 thumbscrew along with a 6mm bolt with every package.  We also provide a couple plastic retaining washers that can be used as both spacers and retaining washers for the thumbscrew.  They can be placed between the angle bracket and the thumbscrew and between the angle bracket and camera on the thumbscrew.  This can prevent the bottoming out of the thumbscrew in some shallow tripod mounts.